It is the mission of this company to provide truly customized massage therapy.  Every body is different and that is part of the beauty of this work.  We strive to educate our clients on the reasons that we approach your pain and tension from a “different angle”.  We will work to achieve your trust and confidence in our knowledge and abilities.  Here at Essence of Tranquility, we make it our responsibility to assist you in lessening the amount of stress, tension and pain in your life, even if that means sending you to someone that may be more qualified to help your particular wellness care.  We want to help you take charge of your health before your stress takes care of you.  That’s why every session with us is tailored to your health and wellness needs.

After years of friends and family telling me that I have a great touch and that I needed to go to school for massage, I finally decided to go and learn the art of  massage.  So, in March of 2004, I enrolled in school.  I never knew that learning about something such as massage would be so in depth or rewarding!  I had a blast in school and  graduated from Harmony Path School of Massage Therapy in September of 2005, where I received an excellent education in Medical Massage taught by Frank Schwartz.

While Deep Tissue massage is the main focus of my practice, I also practice other therapies such as Prenatal and Hot Stone Massage.  I have added Fibromyalgia training in order to better help this particular group of people.  The symptoms of fibromyalgia are many and while it is difficult to diagnose, it can be treated with massage with wonderful results. One of my favorite techniques is Ahh…shiatsu Massage, the deepest deep tissue of all.

I have started to work in the fascial layer more and more.  I attended a couple of seminars on KMI (Kinesis Myofascial Integration) in 2011 and 2012 and found this to be a truly fantastic and exciting technique.  This modality has long lasting effects on pain syndromes.  While I still have a lot to learn, I have seen some really exciting results from the work I have been able to provide my clients thus far.  It is my dream and goal to get a certification in this particular modality.