Corporate Chair Massage


Chair massage is done on a chair specifically designed to make the client feel supported and comfortable. Chair massage allows access to the neck, back shoulders, arms, and hands. It is a wonderful way to experience massage in the work place or at an event such as a corporate health fair. The benefits of massage are the same whether on the table or chair. It is an effective way to relieve pain due to stress, overworked muscles, or injury. For those who sit at a desk all day pouring over papers or a computer, you know what I mean.

On site chair massage is an easy way to bring the benefits of massage to the work place. Just a 10 to 15 min chair massage can help to relieve the painful symptoms of work related stress and fatigue, improve employee morale and boost feelings of emotional and physical well-being. Companies more and more are becoming aware of the benefit of massage for their employees as well as their bottom line in productivity. Thus, more and more businesses are providing massage as part of their employee wellness programs.

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