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quote openLakewood, OH
4.0 star rating

Got a massage there through Groupon. It was great. Jennifer is very easy going, professional, and the atmosphere was lovely – small and quaint.

Right off the bat, she said, “I can chat with you, or be quiet, it’s up to you, I will follow your lead.” Was so nice to get that and not feel like you had to talk or HAD to be quiet. She will specialize her massage to your request wrt area of the body, relaxation, deep tissue, etc.

A 1-hour massage runs $60, which is the average, and is worth the splurge every once in a while. I’lquote closel be back!


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  1. My weeks of physical therapy could not accomplish what Jennifer did for me in one session. She set me on a path to healing which combined with therapy is giving me my mobility back. I have been a client for five years and have always enjoyed the relaxing qualities of the massage. I had no idea of the expertise that Jennifer has in knowing how to get your muscles back to doing what they are supposed to do. So grateful!

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