Oncology Massage


Oncology Massage is massage designed for those who have cancer or have had cancer. It differs from regular massage in that it is specifically and exclusively comfort oriented massage. What that means is that while many techniques may be utilized, all are used with specific client  concerns addressed as needed by the therapist.   There are still instances where massage is not advised (contraindicated), but for the most part it is thought to bring aid and comfort to a group of people that suffer greatly with a debilitating and life threatening illness.

Oncology massage is a specialized field of bodywork. Those who have cancer or have had cancer and desire massage should seek out those persons trained specifically in Oncology massage as well as Manual Lymph Drainage.  Cancer patients and health workers report the following benefits at almost every stage of the illness:

– Increased feelings of well-being and normalcy
– Decreased sense of isolation
– Positive social interaction
– Faster wound and scar healing
– Decreased pain medication
– Promote bowel activity (in some cases relief from constipation or diarrhea)
– Decrease in edema and lymphedema due to improved blood and lymph circulation
– Relief from muscle soreness due to test procedures and prolonged bed rest
– Helps prevent pressure sores
– Reduced symptoms cancer treatment side effects such as fatigue and nausea
– Decreased length of hospital stay


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