Prenatal Massage


Prenatal Massage is wonderful not only to help the expecting mother relax and de-stress, but to help her body adjust to all the changes that are occurring during this beautiful change in her life.  This massage will help the expecting mother to rid her body of excess swelling, improve her ability to move and bend, help with back pain and all her other aches.

Our special clients are treated to their massage starting in a reclined pose.  A small towel is placed under the right hip to shift the baby weight off the vena cava ( blood vessel responsible for blood return to the heart).  The massage begins with head, neck and shoulders.  After the arms and legs, the client is placed in a sideline pose (to the right and then the left) with a pillow to support the head and one in between the knees.  The client will finish the massage, as she started, in the reclined pose. 

Remember your baby experiences the same emotions, stress and stress relief that you do.   So, treat you and yours to a relaxing and soothing massage today!


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