Try this: Say Aaaaaaahhhh (like you would for the doctor)…then say “she”.
Say “ought”, like “I ought to schedule this massage and now!”
Now say “Sue” (short for Susan).
Put it all together and you have Aaaaaahhh…she…ought…Sue! Ashiatsu! Get it? Moving forward…

Ahh…shiatsu massage is not for the faint of heart.  This massage is one of the deepest and most relaxing
massages that we offer here at Essence of Tranquility.  If you’ve ever just wanted someone to walk on your back
to really get into those muscles and loosen everything up, this is the massage for you!  They say a picture is
worth a thousand words so follow this link to see exactly what this massage is about!


Ahhh…Shiatsu Massage

In this video is the founder of the company that taught me (Jennifer) this amazing technique!


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